Change is the one constant in life and we are all evolving whether we are consciously aware of it or not.  I am therefore incredibly grateful to be working in this space of conscious self development, not only for my personal growth, but also grateful to be invited in to support others in their own journey’s of change.

How did I get here?  well following school and a couple of years of working and traveling through Africa and the Far East, I embarked on a challenging but enjoyable military career with the Royal Marine Commandos, before then retraining as a therapist in 1997.  

Since then I have had several therapeutic and coaching practices, punctuated with periods working in the humanitarian, charity and commercial sectors. I have lived in France, Italy and Jordan and worked for extended periods in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq.  

To me, my life has all seemed very normal (not a view shared by my family), but I certainly feel grateful to have pursued my passions and found challenging projects that have given me a variety of life experiences.  

There has however been a common theme that has run throughout my life, which is a desire to gain a better understanding of how we overcome the challenges of life and consistently perform in the most stressful of environments.

In my opinion the key to achieving this is found in the inner you, that invisible world within, the you that dictates how you experience your outer reality.

Hence the belief in the value of consciously developing what I describe as ‘The Coach Within’.

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