At the heart of Mindfulness is the practice of bringing ones awareness into the now, into the moment and one of the easiest ways to do this is to consciously engage with the information that your senses are giving you, as these are constantly streaming information to you about your immediate experience, so for example your eyes providing visual information can focus on what is near it far from you, above and below you, left and right of you and when you turn your head, what is behind you, at the same time, your sense of touch, what you can feel, or more technically your kinaesthetic sense, is giving you information about the temperature of the air surrounding you, the feeling of the clothes on your body and the points of pressure on your feet or other parts of your body if you are seated or lying down.

There is also information being received about smells, your olfactory sense and tastes, your gustatory sense. Basically a constant stream of information that is our experience of the world around is in the moment. Now there are times when these senses are demanding attention, someone steps on my foot and my conscious focus is immediately drawn to my foot, or on a more pleasing note, I hear some music or see something of interest and my conscious focus moves to take it all in. It is in those moments that we are directed to the now, and it is in these moments that we let go of the mental chatter, our thoughts of past or future are interrupted, and in that moment, however brief we let go and experience life in the moment.


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Jeremy Bryson Woodall

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