Mindfulness Moment #1

A Short Mindfully Based Exercise:

Especially for coffee drinkers, the aroma of a good cup of coffee is part of the drinking experience; and if it is not, then it should be or even worst if you don’t like the aroma of coffee, then maybe ask yourself why are you drinking it?… This exercise however can be done with any drink, food or even item which have an aroma that you find pleasing to the nose.

Once you have this item in front of you, then you simply make a conscious effort to pause for a moment, pause your train of thought, relax the shoulders and over the next few breathes, focus your attention on the aroma.

From start to finish this exercise may take only 10 seconds, but this interruption of normal routine and redirection of your attention is a valuable mindfulness skill.  In this exercise you are engaging your olfactory sense and although your attention on the aroma may be short, before the mind jumps in with judgements such as “Oooh that smells nice”, or “Ahh that reminds me of ….”, or “OMG that is horrible..” in which case re-evaluate what you are using.  But either way, as you practise this more you will find it easier to hold your attention on the aroma; and as you give yourself permission to release any tension held in your mind and body, you will, if only subtly, get benefit from this simple exercise and build new more mindful habits.

Little but often is the key…

The very best of luck and enjoy.